Tough Conversations

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2 hours

The Project Harmony Training Institute



Our ability to make strong, impactful decisions and recommendations as a team requires we confront what is getting in our way. Regardless of the elephant in the room, ignoring it keeps us from doing our best work. Conversely, more aggressive approaches also fail. This workshop utilizes research on conflict, communication, and negotiation to take a closer look at proven techniques to help you get unstuck. Identify your approach to difficult conversations, learn how to manage your feelings when the stakes are high, and create opportunities for learning conversations that move you out of impasse and into healthy conflict and resolution.

If you have any questions about the enrollment process, please either email or call 531-301-5079.


Upcoming Sessions:

- May 22, 1-3pm at Project Harmony

- June 18, 9-11am Webinar

- August 5, 9-11am Webinar

- October 9, 9-11am at Project Harmony

- December 3, 1-3pm Webinar

Please contact the Project Harmony Training Institute at to request accommodations for participants hard of hearing


Participants will:

  • State what makes a conversation tough

  • Identify how you respond to conflict

  • Demonstrate how to shift a conversation from conflict to learning

  • Practice skills to facilitate difficult conversations


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate of Completion

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Tough Conversations
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