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The film Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic is an investigation into the world of online grooming and sextortion -- a present-day reality for one in seven children online.  By unsealing the federal case of a top-gun pilot with hundreds of victims, and interviewing survivors and their parents, this true-crime piece exposes an often-overlooked crime against children, the tactics of online predators, and the voices of parents and law enforcement poised to stop online child exploitation in its tracks.

Join us for an in-person screening of Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic to learn more about this topic and participate in a facilitated discussion along with the film.

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Upcoming Sessions:

- June 7, 11-1 at Project Harmony

- August 16, 11-1 at Project Harmony

- October 18, 11-1 at Project Harmony

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Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic
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