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The Project Harmony Training Institute is able to provide our community with great training opportunities, many at no cost, because of the generous support of our community funders.

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Every family has the right to be heard, understood, and informed, particularly in settings of healthcare, justice, and therapy. Access to language services begins with knowing which service you need in what scenario. This session focuses on the differences between interpreting and translating and offers resources for obtaining this kind of assistance. Read more

Children need help navigation the online world, the same way they do the offline world. Come learn some foundational principles to handle this challenging topic.   This training is brought to you thanks to the generous support of The John K. and Lynne D. Boyer Family Foundation. Read more

This course was developed by Trauma Matters Omaha in partnership with Project Harmony. Project Harmony provides services for youth and families across our entire community. We recognize that each family is unique and attempt to make our work as welcoming as possible. This microlearning will provide you with information we use to effectively serve a group that is often misunderstood -- the LGBTQ+ community. Read more

This course was developed by Trauma Matters Omaha in partnership with Project Harmony. Trauma experts have been studying Adverse Childhood Experiences for many years, but more recent research has analyzed the impacts of Positive Childhood Experiences. Read more

Poverty is multifaceted in every community. It goes beyond one's financial net worth. Deconstruct assumptions about poverty, first, by identifying and defining the different types of poverty. Then, compare and contrast these elements in urban and rural settings. Finally, go forth with compassion. Read more

No one loves having a tough conversation at work—but most of us have had to do it. Because it’s so common, knowing how to navigate a sensitive discussion effectively is essential.   In this lesson, we will focus on the preparation ahead of a tough conversation. Read more

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