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The Project Harmony Training Institute is able to provide our community with great training opportunities, many at no cost, because of the generous support of our community funders.

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No one loves having a tough conversation at work—but most of us have had to do it. Because it’s so common, knowing how to navigate a sensitive discussion effectively is essential.   In this lesson, we will focus on the preparation ahead of a tough conversation. Read More

This course was developed by Trauma Matters Omaha in partnership with Project Harmony. Resilience is a quality that may grow over time as we nurture protective factors so challenging circumstances do not become as devastating. Read More

Home visits are a common part of case management duties. In this microlearning, we point out observations to take in from the moment you arrive at a client's address to entering the home. Being mindful and alert throughout the entire appointment is essential, but this lesson only covers recommendations for the arrival portion. Read More

The stages of change are a defined progression of attitudes and actions surrounding some kind of long-term change. These can be applied to workplace dynamics, personal goals, parenting, and more. Learn the vocabulary associated with these stages as a precursor to learning the nuances of behavioral change and ambivalence in Ready, Set, Change! Read More

This microlearning will identify five basic questions to ask or deduce when a child discloses abuse or neglect. The answers to these questions equip that trusted adult to call the Abuse and Neglect Hotline or 911. Learners should be able to reason why these are appropriate and envision how they would act in this kind of situation. Read More

Watch this brief video to gather high-level information about what a Child Advocacy Center does on a daily basis and the hope CACs offer to families. Read More

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