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The Project Harmony Training Institute is able to provide our community with great training opportunities, many at no cost, because of the generous support of our community funders.

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This course was developed by Trauma Matters Omaha in partnership with Project Harmony. Sometimes you're able to catch every curveball that comes your way. Other times, something basic (like dropping your keys) can be the last straw. See how the Window of Tolerance for Stress can fluctuate and impact your day, as well as other people's day. Read more

Times are tough, and the demands on individual employees in America seem endless. On this side of The Great Resignation, the U.S. Surgeon General recognized the toll on Americans' health and well-being. In this microlearning, unpack the variables in and out of your control to affect wellness and longevity at work. Read more

It's easy for myths and rumors to circulate. But when it comes to the well-being of children, especially those who have endured trauma, Project Harmony wants to set the record straight. Can you sort out the facts from fiction? Read more

Youth Fire Setting impacts a community in many ways.  Project Harmony and Omaha Fire Department are committed to addressing this problematic trend and reducing those tragic impacts.  In this microlearning, we will illuminate the facts of our current situation, explore reasons why this is a trend, and then focus on how to prevent it.  Read more

This is a micro mobile lesson to coach learners through a mindfulness exercise with a bite-sized piece of chocolate. Read more

This course is designed for professionals working with individuals and families to understand the process of change, the factors that contribute or block our ability to change, and how to evoke change through motivational interviewing engagement skills.   If you have any questions about the enrollment process, please either email or call 531-301-5079.   Upcoming Sessions: - June 28, 1-3pm at Project Harmony - July 25, 1-3pm Webinar - November 5, 1-3pm at Project Harmony Please contact the Project Harmony Training Institute at to request accommodations for participants hard of hearing Read more

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