(Green Hills AEA) Hope Champions Network August 2024 (Live Classroom)

4 sessions

Course Length
12 hours

Project Harmony Training Institute



Over 2,000 research studies have shown that hope is the #1 predictor of future well-being outcomes. Simply stated, high hope individuals are more likely to be healthier, happier in their jobs, and more fulfilled in life than their lower hope peers. Hope is easily defined, easily measured, and easily taught and practiced. In school settings, hope is a predictor of attendance, school engagement, achievement, and staff productivity.

Participants will be trained to act as a Hope Champion, an individual who can help school leaders, educators, and community members make connections between hope science and any school initiatives.

Participants in this two-day Train the Trainer course will be equipped to deliver four 2-hour training courses for their school community:

               Trauma and Resilience in Schools

               Empathic Strain and Self-Care

               Building Hope in Yourself and Others

               Using Hope Science to Drive School Outcomes


Participants will have access to the following opportunities to support their new role:

  • A quarterly zoom call open to all members of the Hope Champions Network.
  • Four (4) coaching calls to a Project Harmony trainer to review the content of the courses trained.
  • A monthly email newsletter highlighting the work of members of the Hope Champions Network.
  • The opportunity to share requests for the development of additional training content.


NOTE:  This will be conducted at Midwest Mental Health

600 W Sheridan Ave., Shenandoah, IA 51601


Presented in partnership with Trauma Matters Omaha


Participants will be able to:

  • Define trauma, resiliency and state how they impact behavior
  • Define, measure and build hope in themselves and others
  • Articulate the relationship between hope and trauma


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Certificate of Completion with CE(s)

Learning Credits


Trauma and Resilience 8/6/24


Empathic Strain 8/6/24


Building Hope in Yourself and Others 8/7/24


Using Hope Science to Drive Outcomes 8/7/24

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